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About our Company

Bridgestone APM Company is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation – the world’s largest manufacturer of tires and rubber products.

Bridgestone APM Company specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of vibration isolation, energy absorbing pads and foam seat components for the automotive industry. Corporate headquarters are located in Findlay, Ohio.

Bridgestone APM Company was established in 1987 as a joint venture (Clevite-Bridgestone Company) owned by Clevite Elastomers of Milan, Ohio and Bridgestone Corporation of Tokyo, Japan. The joint venture was initially established to supply vibration isolation components to the North American automotive market. The products included hydraulic and solid engine mounts, transmission mounts, strut mounts, jounce boots, member mounts, and suspension bushings.

Bridgestone APM Company's manufacturing operations began in 1988 and were located at the Clevite Elastomers plant in Angola, Indiana. Originally, there were three injection presses and three thousand square feet of workspace. By 1991, the Findlay, Ohio facility was established to expand the manufacturing operations. Bridgestone APM Company operated as a joint venture through 1993. At the end of 1993, Bridgestone Corporation of Japan purchased all the shares of the joint venture, establishing Bridgestone APM Company as a wholly owned subsidiary. In 1996, Bridgestone APM Company expanded its operations to a second plant, located in Upper Sandusky, Ohio producing similar products as well as performing metal coating operations.

A third plant was constructed in 1998, also located in Upper Sandusky, to accommodate the Foam Products Division. In 2003, a fourth plant was constructed in Dickson, Tennessee. The Foam Products Division manufactures foam seating and energy absorbent pads for the North American automotive industry.

In 2010, the decision was made to consolidate all Anti Vibration Division production operations and the majority of BAPM Corporate functions to the Upper Sandusky location to improve operational performance of the division. With the consolidation, BAPM constructed a new headquarters office building in Findlay, Ohio in 2011.

Bridgestone APM Company has recently completed another manufacturing space expansion at its Upper Sandusky location to accommodate new business. Bridgestone APM Company’s customers are Nissan, Toyota, Honda and Subaru.